We'll help you find your musical vision and define your sound as an original artist. We will work with you to arrange and craft the details of your song, helping your product excel far beyond expectations. With a broad and stylistically diverse background, DMF Studios is a one-stop shop that can help take your song from a seedling to a blossoming product with our team of accomplished producers. The amount of love we put into our songs is incomparable and will outshine all competitors. 


We have the ability to take raw tracks you've recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings. Editing is also available to take your productions to the next level. We specialize in creating HUGE, powerful mixes that bring your songs to life.


Mastering is the final step before releasing your songs out into the world. I guarantee we will make your songs sound better than any other mastering engineer - 100% money back guarantee. We can create a coherent, final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments. 


In today's digital music landscape, cover songs are the best way to gain exposure and reach new audiences. With over 50 million views, we have a keen sense for covering popular songs in your own unique style, which will help you earn new fans who will be eager to discover your original music. 



The best way to record an album is to escape to an isolated (and hopefully beautiful) part of the world and focus 100% on the music without any distractions. We have a mobile studio that can travel anywhere. We also have a remote studio accessible in Bend, Oregon. Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of American Idol Finalist Alex Preston's debut album recorded in a cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains over the span of three weeks. 


We've had the opportunity to compose music for multiple commercial applications including companies like Red Lobster, Renault Samsung Motors, Mountain Dew, and Walgreens. Take a look at our portfolio to see more.